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Top Factors To Consider Before Purchasing an AC!

Summers seem to be merciless this year, with so much humidity and high mercury temperatures. It is nearly impossible to stay at home without an AC. Long gone are days when AC was just cherry on the top, it has become a necessity nowadays. And the trouble to find the right AC for your home is nothing less than this blazing summer! Ain’t it? With so many variations and different types, it is truly a head scratcher to find one perfect fit that meets all your needs.

Have you been scrolling through your phone all day searching for the best AC for your home? Do you want to buy a new AC but not sure which one? Well, if you are in a quest for buying an AC, then you have come in the right time and place. Today, we will be discussing some chief factors to consider while buying an AC. So, in the next few minutes, we will share tips for buying an AC and bring you a step closer to what you have been looking for!

Let’s begin.

1. Don’t compromise with Tonnage!

Tonnage is one of the most basic things to consider when picking an AC. It refers to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. You don’t want to buy an AC with less tonnage than required as it won’t be able to meet your cooling needs. So, it is important to find an AC with tonnage that is enough for your room size. Not even to think to oversize your AC capacity, as this will lead to more energy consumption!

2. Focus on Air Quality.

Most people who claim to be health freaks, ironically, don’t consider Air quality when buying an Air Conditioner. The air that you take in has a great impact on your health, so it is important to choose an AC that filters your indoor air as well. And considering the intensity of pollutants, dust particles, pathogens, and toxicants in air, it is imperative to buy an AC that gives out clean air using new technologies.

3. Say no to high bills- Save Energy!

Next in our list is energy efficiency. In summers, it is difficult to stay without an AC for even one second but the huge electricity bills compel us to switch it off! But, you don’t have to worry about it at all if you buy an energy-efficient Air Conditioner using the smart Inverter technology. The energy-saving AC’s produce maximum cooling and consume energy minimally. Alternatively, You can buy an AC from Daikin's inverter series as they are known for their best energy efficiency. Think Smart, Think Green, Think Daikin Inverter!

4.The never-ending debate-split or Central (Multi-type)?

One of the biggest decisions for AC buyers is whether they should buy split or central AC. If you want an aesthetically appealing standard AC type that complements your indoors then you should buy a split AC with either wall or concealed types. But nowadays there are new systems that use less outdoor units (Multi-type) and can give the same type of indoor units. Such systems are more reliable, smart and energy-efficient. Visit our website and find the right Daikin AC for your home!

5.Installation and Maintenance.

Things tend to last long when you take care of them and this states true for your ACs as well. Always remember to buy an AC from an authorized dealer that provides proper installation services. If your AC is not installed correctly, it won’t work to its full efficiency. Moreover, your AC provider must have flexible maintenance service, so that your AC can be fixed immediately in case of any fault. It is also important to get your AC serviced regularly to keep it healthy. You can contact experts at Daikin for more information.

Other essentials

  • Noise: AC is meant to make your home comfortable, so pick a noiseless model. Because noise is the last thing you would want on a hot summer day!

  • Smart AC’s: we all tend to forget small things like switching off the AC, and turning off the lights. You can buy a smart AC with Motion Sensor technology that adjusts temperature automatically after assessing the environment, or even new AC’s with an online controller application via mobile app.

  • Refrigerant use: new green refrigerants are available now that have less impact on the environment with zero ODP & less GWP, such as R-32.

Hopefully, now you know what features to look for in an AC. Need more help? Contact our experts at Daikin UAE. We will be happy to help you!

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